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          What are the advantages of CNC four-step woodworking engraving and milling machine

          Author: Time:2019-12-17 11:48:45Click:3904

          What are the advantages of CNC four-step woodworking engraving and milling machine

          The four-step CNC engraving and milling machine has four foreheads, which are separated to perform cutting, drilling and grooving. Moreover, it is controlled by the CNC system, and the machining process can be completely automated, saving loading and unloading time. Only one or two people can control the CNC panel during processing, which can save time and labor and labor, which can greatly reduce the proportion of labor costs in the process of panel furniture processing.


          Four-step opener

          The Y axis of the four-step opener adopts dual motor drive and high-precision square rail rack screw drive. Moreover, it is equipped with linear square guide rails, double-row four-row ball sliders, and imported ball screws to ensure accurate down-knife and high-speed and high-precision operation of the machine. .

          The four-step opener can also carve panel furniture. Its numerical control system uses an advanced machining center CNC system, intelligent operation interface, simple operation, and can be applied to various graphic software. When carving, you only need to enter the design. Good drawings are ready for operation.

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